Strong and healthy body is essential for everybody. You cannot live a normal life without it. A weak body with weak muscles and joints will force you to lead an incomplete and unhealthy life. Healthy and strong muscles and joints are important not only for an ordinary man but also very much important for the players and athletes because their jobs mainly depend on physical working. Muscles not only help in making movements but they are also responsible for the efficient performance of circulatory system. 

If the athletes and players have weak muscles or joint or have muscular or joint pain then they would not be able to give their best performance during their sports. It is a fact that the players get injured during their sports. They may hurt their muscles or joints. There is much type of injuries involved during their sport activities. So there must be any good technique to relieve them and promote its healing process. 

Kinesio tape is a highly flexible liquid free thin cotton strip with an acrylic gum that is used for relieving athletic or player injuries and providing muscle and joint support without limiting movement. This method of relieving pain is based on natural healing method. The tape is made in such a way that it facilitates itself to breathe. It is also used for treating many different physical disorders. This is a Japanese tape which was invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase 30 years ago. So this is not a new technique of relieving muscular or skeletal problem.

It relieves muscular pain and inflammation. It relaxes muscles and eases swelling. Although this is an old method of relieving pain but it is still better than electric massager or laser because it is very effective and powerful. It is easy to use, learn and apply. It comes in different colors like white black, blue, pink etc. Kinesio tape not only benefits athletes but also the players of football, tennis, rugby, basketball. 

It is recommended by many different therapists all over the world. Orthopedists, Certified athletic trainers, manual therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, neurologists, doctors, surgeons, nurses, all recommend kinesio tape to change muscle tendency, move lymphatic fluids, change the ways of movements, and improve posture and position. 

This tape improves the performances of the players by avoiding the injuries and can be used any time i.e. before, after or during the sports. It seems to be very supportive during the sports and can be used continuously for five days. It does not give any harm. Rather it increases the flow of blood in the muscles and joints and gives stability to the joints. This is a very safe method of relieving pain by diligently lifting the skin which decreases the inflammation.


Kinesio tape also decreases pain in some parts of the body like lower backache. There are different methods of applying the tape for different purposes like the method to apply the tape in case of pain is different than the method of application in case of swelling.


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