Sports are absolutely a work of fun. They have many effects on a person's life.People, who are committed to the sports as their professions, are usually smart, healthy and have low calories in their bodies. But as far as sports are concerned there are many injuries connected with them. Some injuries are ordinary and some are chronic. The injuries may be accidental or they may result from overuse of the body especially the muscles and joints. The most important thing for a player is to remain active during his sports activities. So they need to avoid the injuries at any cost in order to enjoy their good quality sports life. Players or athletes cannot take their health for granted. Athletes get psychologically upset when get injured. They start losing their strength and confidence. The common injuries faced by the athletes are sprains strains, muscles swelling inflammations, knee injuries, tendon injuries, fractures, dislocations etc.

Kinesiology tape is very helpful in such injuries. Kinesiology tape is a thin stretchy and elastic tape made up of cotton which is applied on the skin to reduce the muscles pain and provide them support. It is a therapeutic tape that can heal many different injuries. It is very helpful in reducing inflammation. Its most important quality is that it is just identical to the human skin. It has the same elasticity and same thickness as the human skin has. Therefore it can easily be applied to the skin and helps in easy movement. It enhances the performance of the athletes because it aids in healing of the sports injuries. An athlete can quickly reappear in his sport if it is correctly used on the affected area. It also prevents the further injuries.

The tape is precut so it can be applied quickly thus proving the fast relief to the muscles and joints. It has many therapeutic benefits. We have seen that almost every athlete use the kinesiology tape during their sport activity. The reason is to improve their performance. A kinesiology tape differs from other sports tapes in many ways. It performs many functions that other tapes do not perform. Most of the other tapes are non-elastic in nature which means they do not support free movements of the muscles and joints.They are very rigid and are wrapped very tightly around the affected areas. The kinesiology tape is water-proof and sweat- proof and can be left on for 4 to 5 days thus providing support to the muscles and joints for continuous 24 hours.


The other tapes are not sweat-proof and water -proof so they can be quickly worn out if gone under the shower and need removal. The kinesiology tape must not be kept on the skin for more than 5 days. Usually the time the tape lasts on the skin depends on the area where it is applied. If the tape is applied on the ankle foot or knee, then it cannot be lasted for more than 2 to 3 days, and if it is applied on the areas like shoulders or back then it could be lasted for 4 to 5 days easily. The kinesiology tape relieves the muscular pain by the method of lifting the pressure on the pain receptors which are present under the skin. This gives a prompt relief to the muscles. But the tape must not be used in the circumstances if the athlete has the allergy to the tape or has the circulatory problems.


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